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What is bruxism? 

Bruxism is the term that refers to chronic unintentional grinding and clenching of the teeth at inappropriate times. People with bruxism are often unaware that they have developed this habit, and often do not know that treatment is available until damage to the mouth and teeth has been done. Common causes of bruxism include excessive stress, nervous tension, and/or persons with hurried or competitive tendencies. Damage caused by bruxism often includes the following symptoms:

  • abraded/worn teeth
  • facial pain
  • oversensitive teeth
  • tense facial and jaw muscles
  • headaches
  • dislocation of the jaw
  • damage to the tooth enamel, exposing the inside of the tooth (dentin)
  • a popping or clicking in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
  • tongue indentations
  • damage to the inside of the cheek

In most cases, bruxism can be successfully treated. Treatment may involve:

  • behavior modification - Teaching the patient how to rest his/her tongue, teeth, and lips properly, and learning how to rest the tongue upward may relieve discomfort on the jaw while keeping the teeth apart and lips closed.
  • mouthguard - An individually fitted plastic appliance may be worn at night to absorb or distribute the force of biting. This appliance may help to prevent future damage to the teeth and aid in changing the patient's behavior. In addition, the mouthpiece keeps the teeth apart, allowing the facial muscles to relax. This will treat the facial pain and headaches that often result from excessive bruxing.
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